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"Population growth and rising standards of living are driving up the consumption of energy and raw materials and have an impact on global warming. To minimize environmental impact, it is necessary to develop and implement strategies that will ensure careful and sustainable management of our limited resources and the affected environment. The strategy of the smart plant engineering offers sustainable solutions. This promotes the improvement of safety, recycling, efficiency, the degree of automation of the plants and the intelligent handling of our environment."

2016 ○ Dr. Ingo Bruchhold

Intelligent plants strategy [Development Phase I]

Systems in which data, information, control commands and software packets are exchanged over networks between ED storing and processing units as well as the various units that meet the requirements of the "strategy Intelligent systems".

Smart Products strategy [Development Phase II]

The smart products strategy in connection with supply and production plants includes intelligent, self-monitoring, self-adjusting, user-friendly, resource-saving, energy-saving and communications-capable products. For example of smart products in supply or production plants (Examples: see below).

Industry 4.0 strategy [Development Phase III]

The Industry 4.0 strategy in connection with supply and production plants includes digitalisation and networking along the entire added value chains: In this supply and production plants the networks are a) intelligent production systems, such as factories and products as well as services, can be permanently interlinked via an IT network and data, information, control commands and software can be exchanged over this network (vertical networking) and b) business partners and customers, who are active in the IT network can also be linked together (horizontal integration).

Smart products plant engineering strategy [Development Phase IV]

The smart products plant engineering strategy covers technologies that are in the position to change the components, modules and aggregates integrated in the plants during on-going production as necessary due to pending operating pressures and these components, modules and aggregates as well as the materials can be transported over long distances to different stations in the plants and systems that are networked together. Such technologies are: a) Smart module change systems for changing function modules as well as b) Smart piping system, consisting of primary, secondary and tertiary pipeline systems for transporting media and function modules.

Smart plant engineering strategy [Development Phase V]

In order to optimally exhaust all mentioned above possibilities with regard to the development of future supply and production plants, it is sensible to ensure that the smart products, Industry 4.0 and the smart products plant engineering strategies are well-balanced with regard to promoting future-oriented smart plant engineering.

Smart piping system

The pumped medium and/or production medium is guided through the primary piping system, the functional modules are guided through an additional secondary piping system and the primary piping system, and consumables and special materials can be supplied to certain areas of the plant through the primary piping system, secondary piping system and a separate tertiary conduit system.

Smart module change system

The Module change system allows the automatic replacement, operated by remote control, of different equipment units and components in piping systems, even at full operating pressure and during ongoing production.

Smart high-pressure coupling

On account of the innovative mode of action, the high-pressure coupling, in comparison to other coupling systems, can be coupled with a relatively low mating force, whereby this coupling system is particularly suitable for use at high differential pressures and with large pipe cross-sections.

Smart control ball valve

The control ball valve is a hydraulically triggerable Open / Closed and at the same time also Control valve with high sealing force and low switching torque that is piggable, easy to clean when installed (CIP) and its sealing effect can be remotely controlled and automatically corrected.

Smart turn actuator

The innovative turn actuator intercepts recoil torques with its specially designed end stops, can be remotely adjusted to intermediate positions for a Partial Stroke Test or for metering and moves automatically to a defined safety position in case of fire.